Civil Infrastructure

First Group’s civil engineers are skilled at designing and implementing infrastructure requirements

First Group has completed projects such as sewage, storm water drainage, water supply, telephone/electrical ducting, and the construction and maintenance of pumping stations. Our completed projects list includes the construction of storm water drains and sanitary sewers in Qurtoba. Current projects include the construction, commissioning and maintenance of pumping stations in DMC, Kabad and Wafra, and the construction of all related infrastructure requirements for 930 houses (currently under construction by First Group teams) in a residential area.

We are a preferred contractor for special infrastructure projects and have placed more than 345,000 meters of pipeline, along with thousands of manholes and inspection and washout chambers. First Group crews have installed piping in a variety of terrains and ground types, ranging from desert to rocky terrain.


First Group is a a preferred contractor for special civil infrastructure projects


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